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Variable Speed Pumps

Pentair® Variable Speed Pumps are for the cool kids.

Did you know pool pump standards recently changed?

The new Department of Energy (DOE) regulations went into effect in July 2021. With this change, single-speed pool pumps for in-ground pools will fall out of federal compliance. Now's the time to upgrade your pool pump on the cutting edge of technolgy and have the best swim possible.

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Here's some quick facts:

  • New regulations around the minimum energy efficiency of pool pumps and most single speed pumps won’t pass
  • DOE mandates variable speed pump if more than 1 hp
  • All new and replacement pool pumps will need to comply with the regulation
  • Save up to 90% in energy costs with a new variable speed pump

Pool pumps can be the #2 CONSUMPTION OF ENERGY in the house. And all pool pumps are not created equal. With variable speed technology, you can save money and energy without sacrificing performance.

All Florida Pool & Spa has been a proud provider of Pentair® pumps for many years and we continue to stand behind and trust them as inventors of variable speed pump technology.

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Here's some of the most popular pumps we offer from Pentair.



With the IntelliFlo VSF pump, you can enjoy the ease of cruise control—for your pool.

IntelliFlo is the first variable speed and flow pump that adjusts to changing system conditions. It maintains desired flow and performance by automatically adjusting its speed to compensate for filter loading, water features and more.



The SuperFlo VST Variable Speed Pool Pump features sophisticated technology in a simple to operate pump.

Designed for pool owners who are practical and like to save, the SuperFlo VST pump has a dependable and robust fan cooled motor and can adapt with no special wiring or switching.



The IntelliPro VSF pump offers higher efficiency, savings and performance.

This innovative dual-technology pump ensures the desired flow and performance is maintained, even as your pool’s conditions change. And with the pump, the rest of your equipment performs at optimal levels.

Contact us today to learn how you can meet new energy-efficiency regulations and save money with a Pentair variable speed pump from All Florida Pool.

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